Winner Sports Bonus Workaround

Sep 16, 2014
Hi Guys,

Firstly let me apologise, this is going to be a lengthy email but if it helps some people then I'm glad.

I am normally a lurker but I thought I had better sign up and share this with you over my recent experience with Winner Sportsbook and their bonuses and sports service in general. I'm really not sure if this is a complaint or a praise for them, more of a workaround their bad practices I think.

Firstly background I think. I'm just a normal small time punter, I generally lose so I like to have several accounts to take advantage of the offers so that my monthly allocated money lasts longer so I can enjoy myself more. With that in mind I do like to use welcome offers. Winner offer a bet 5 get 20 bonus for new customers. It works by depositing and betting 5 on a bet that has odds of 2.00 (evens) or greater and when settled you'll get a 20 pounds free bet. Simple enough you think? Well not quite. apparently they do have this offer, and it is that simple but they only offer it if you sign up via an affiliate. If you sign up directly via their site, which I did, they don't actually want to give you anything as you've found them, not them attracted you. This is strange and even more so because if you go to winner directly if you've not had an account with them the first thing you see is a big advertised for that offer. If you do contact them they will credit the bonus to you account after a little complaining though.

They also do an offer in which if you bet a 5 fold on the football and i team lets you down you get your money back as a free bet to use again. The only problem with this offer is that they advertise on their site that the minimum odds are 6/4 (2.5) and the minimum stake is 25p. In reality the minimum odds are 4/1 (5.00) and the minimum stake is a quid. Again if you contact their customer services they'll apologise for the technical error and credit you your bonus if you don't meet the 4/1 or 1 quid requirements but you do the advertised ones.

They also offer a 10% bonus on winning football trebles up to a maximum amount with a minimum odds of 6/4 (2.50). The only problem with this promotion is that they don't actually credit any customers with the bonus. The terms state that they do within 48 hours but in reality they don't. You have ot contact them and they'll credit the bonus to your account. Are you seeing a pattern here?

Lastly in regards to the bonuses they do a 7th heaven bonus. If you have a winning 7 fold accumulator (yeah i know what are the chances) you'll get 25% of your returns as a free bet token. The terms state it will be credited within 48 hours. can you guess what the issue is here? Yes that's correct, they don't actually credit anything unless you contact them.

How do I know all this? Well I was lucky, I had been trying to sort my welcome bonus issue out when I got connected via the telephone with a customer service person called Jade. Now I'm not sure if she was just annoyed that day, is totally honest all the time or if it was her last day or something but I had a lengthy chat with her and she told me all of the above. She also told me that they generally don't offer 24/7 customer service even though they advertise it so if you can't connect on chat then she advised to go to the casino page and open a chat as the casino customer service works 24/7 without fail. She also told me that they often just turn the phones off when it gets busy and they have a turn around of about a day or two with emails so chat is the best option or if you are going to phone to make it as early in the day as possible before they get busy and turn them off. She told me it was because they had downsized (which I took to mean fired) a lot of people recently to save money for some regulation changes so this is what they do now.

Now the above about the bonuses must be true as why would she tell me that. So if you have one of those bonuses and it doesn't get credited simply contact CS. I would also recommend asking for Jade if you can, she was really helpful.

So in conclusion it is a complaint about their practices but a compliment for the person I spoke to called Jade.

Thanks Guys,