williamhill is cheating


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Hi i need some help. I opened my account through punters affiliate link, which matches the first bet = 100% bonus bet. I verified my account and everything was fine. I placed my bet and received $700 as bonus bet.

So then i have tried place a couple of bets using my bonus and the maximum amount that they allowed me was ZERO.... yeah, zero!!! I tried in soccer, basketball, tennis... all the markets still the same ZERO... basically i cannot place any more bets.

I contacted William Hill and they told me that this is final decision made by the manager, but it sounds funny because i only placed ONE bet on my account since i opened it. So there is no reason to limited my account or exclude me as they are doing.

I think there is a cheating and disonest action made by williamhill, including false advertisement. I have already reported this situation to Northern Territory Gambiling Comission. At least they must allow me to place my bonus bet, i did everything right, put in risk $700 and they have to be right with me as well.

Do you guys anyone else who had this situation? Be limited with ZERO?

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Hi cbaronio91, thanks for sharing with us. It sounds like you may have received a targeted offer through a third-party website. Have you contacted them by any chance?


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Yes i contacted, but they cannot do anything. I reported this case to NT gaming commission, do you know if there is smtg else that i can do?


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NT Gaming Commission should reply after the weekend. They are usually quick and reliable to respond.