What's your Favorite Gambling related Movies


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About the MIT card counters.

Probably will seem a bit creepy with Kevin Spacey controlling a bunch of college kids these days though :p


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Most of all, I like to play betting, poker and blackjack. I play poker on weekends, I rarely play blackjack, I think about 1-2 times a month, and I bet regularly. I mostly bet on football because I'm good at getting into it. Last year I put it here https://cisdetroit.org / for a Champions League match and won 900 bucks. This was my biggest jackpot. I play poker mostly with friends, and we don't have a permanent winner. Usually we gather 6 people and bet $ 100 each. The winner takes all the money. I often win at casinos, but in online poker people don't always agree to bet so much money, so I mostly play with friends.
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