Vitalbet cancelled winning bets, claim system abuse


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May 29, 2013
I recently had a bad experience with that I would like to share with you. I encourage anyone to read my story in full, but I’ll offer a brief summary to those who prefer a quick breakdown.


Essentially Vitalbet have cancelled 3 perfectly good winning bets and kept the winnings of £1256.64. They claim I abused their system by placing bets after goals were scored and that the markets had already been determined. When I complained, they suspended my account and accused me of trying to blackmail them.

I continued to send e-mails that proved they were making a mistake but they didn’t respond. I contacted SBR, who very kindly offered to help. SBR asked me to CC them into all future contact with VB. VB began responding again. I requested a log of my bet history, which they eventually sent after 3 days. When they responded, they sent pictures that actually incriminate them. I e-mailed them to point this out and have not had a response since (pictures provided below).


On the morning of 19th June 2016, I placed 3 bets on goal markets on 2 separate Copa America Football matches. For full details I have added pictures below.

All 3 bets won and I was very happy. I used some of my winnings on other bets and went to bed. I woke up to find a huge amount of money missing from my account. I checked my e-mails to see that VB had contacted me. They advised that they had cancelled all 3 bets on the basis that on each occasion the bets were placed after goals had been scored. I was obviously livid, so I sent several e-mails to try and resolve the matter and threatened to make a formal complaint if they didn’t. They proceeded to suspend my account along with the remaining funds in the account (£435).

I requested they at least return the undisputed funds, but they refused, stating they would have to wait for the conclusion of any third party complaint I raised. I explained I would take this to a governing body, but was unable to find one who could help due to their location. I asked SBR for help and they asked me to CC them into all contact.

VB took a while to reply, but after a few days they finally did. They returned my remaining funds by Neteller (which they charge 2% for, I had no option to change this). They then accused me of blackmail as I advised I would close all third party complaints if they returned my funds. They linked the webpage of my SBR complaint. Apparently asking for help to achieve a fair resolution is blackmail?

I asked for a copy of my bet history as I was convinced this would settle the dispute (I had managed to get a screenshot before they suspended my account, but it shows the times the bets were refunded, rather than the times they were placed). They eventually responded after 3 days with a suspect set of pictures. It is clear to me they have been tampered with.

I have provided the pictures below for you to see. I will break down the problems with their “evidence” in bullet points below.

338485 - the 5th and the 6th goals were already scored by the time of your bet. The bet info incorrectly indicates 4:0 and therefore the odd should have been much lower than 2.51.

- Vitalbet (VB) claim my bet was after the 5th and 6th goals had been scored and that their system was incorrectly showing showing 4-0 at the time. There was a 17-minute gap between the 5th and 6th goal being scored. Therefore, VB are claiming in the space of 17 minutes their system had not updated to show either goal.

- They claim my bet was placed at 6:20am GMT. The 6th goal can’t have been scored until after 6:29am (scored in 74th minute, kick off was 5am GMT).

338515 - placed at the time of the 7th goal being scored.

- Claimed my bet was placed at 6:41am GMT and claim this was after the 7th goal.

- The gap between 6th and 7th goal was only 13 minutes. They claim both of my bets were placed at the time of 6th and 7th goals respectfully, but there is a 21-minute gap between my bets? How is that possible?

- The odds for Chile to score another goal with only 3 minutes left of play would have been much higher than 2/1.

- They claim my first bet was at the time of the 6th goal and the 2nd bet at the time of the 7th goal. The gap between these goals is only 13 minutes, but the gap between the bets is 21 minutes. Obviously this doesn’t make sense.

338349 - put in the 43th min when penalty kick had already been given.

- Claim my bet was placed after a penalty was awarded.

- Conveniently the book has amended this to the minute the penalty was awarded. How would it have been possible for me to place a bet on their system when their platform clearly suspends play when action takes place.

- Not that this is relevant at all to my bet (it was not late), but the penalty was missed and therefore had no effect on the match.

The evidence provided by Vitalbet does not add up, no matter what aspect of it you decide to take as fact.

They claim I placed my 2nd bet after the 7th goal, which was scored in the 87th minute. This would mean that with only 3 minutes left in the match, their system was offering Chile to score over 6.5 goals at odds of 3.07 (2/1). Those odds would be low for either team to score, let alone one team individually.

Odds of 2.51 were offered for over 5.5 goals when the score was 4-0 in the 53rd minute. Do they expect me to believe that with 3 minutes left in the match, the odds for one team to score a goal would only be 3.07?!

This doesn’t even take into account the very basic issue that they are claiming that I was somehow able to cheat their system with these bets. No book in the world would allow people to place bets on markets that have already been determined, yet they claim I was able to do this 3 times in 1 night on 3 different markets.

The pictures have clearly been amended to try and cover up their actions, but all they done is prove their attempt to scam me.

I pointed all of this out to them in an e-mail, but they responded to say they are closing the complaint. They did not address any of the points I made.

I am losing hope of ever getting my money back, but at the very least it would give me comfort to know I am helping people avoid being scammed by this company.


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Jun 4, 2016
Live betting platforms often dont close betting fast enough and result in voids. But this sounds a bit more than that.


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May 29, 2013
Yep, it's pretty shocking. They didn't even think through the pictures they sent to me. They evidently show the company's attempt to scam me.