Very long verification and blocking of withdrawals on


New member
Apr 3, 2021
Hello, I have been playing at for a long time, for about 7 years already. Everything was always good, but somewhere a month ago I won 1.8 million rubles, withdrew them, 3 weeks ago (March 10) I won another 2.7 million rubles, and then started, they asked me for documents for verification, I sent them, then I sent them again, everything suited them, but for more than 3 weeks they could not verify the documents, and also all this time I could not withdraw my money as soon as I withdraw funds , after a while they are returned back to the balance. Please help me in this situation, I can not withdraw money in any way. Withdrawals are not possible. Usually documents are checked very quickly, but now they are probably deliberately wasting time because of the big win. I ask for help.
Best regards, Sultanov Yuriy.