Unfair withdraw decision of Unibet. Not handling according to the rules.


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Dear BM Forum members,

In this post I would like to ask for any help and advice on how to solve my problem, thank you for those who took time to read this post and trying to give me a direction. I will explain briefly the whole situation.

I'm a regular player on Unibet who bets on all kind of bets, from sports to live casino and slots.
Recently a couple of days ago (26-05-2014 I was actively betting in live roulette room to seek luck to win some money, unfortunately, I lost closely to 1000 euros.
The account which I was playing was my second account which I created in august 2013 after I lost my first account's password and also the registered email for that account which was created in 2012. I'm giving the account creation dates because I think its important in this case.

To continue, after I lost my money I was thinking about that this account was doomed because I seriously didn't won much on this account if you compare with my old account or the days I was at my friend's home betting with him together on his account which made us some good profit. So I decided to try to find my first account's emails password in my computer in order to get access to my first account and trying to delete the second account were I recently lost 1000 euros. After searching for a couple of hours, the day after I successfully found my 1st accounts email password, so I was able to request my accounts password in order to get acces into it. The first step when I managed to login in that email was to close my second account.. I tried to find the delete button which I couldn't found it, so I self excluded myself from that account because it has no use for me anymore.
After the self exclusion of the second account, I deposited money on my first account were I decided to try my luck one more time in order to win my loss back, Guess what happend, I won 1663 euro with a total deposit of 443, so on that account I won 1220 profit minus the 1000 on my other account I had 220 profit. I did the withdraw and went to bed.

The day after I decided to login to Unibet wether if the withdraw payment already is been sent, after trying a couple of inlog attempts I noticed that something is not right and went to my email to check if I have received any Email about this concern because it keeps showing 'login failed'. I didn't receive any email from Unibet regarding my account blocked but I received a email with information from Unibet that I didn't logged in that Account for 12 months etc. on the same night 1 hour later after I won the money.

Contacting Unibet on the phone about my account, the guy who I spoke to wasn't very clear only what I did understand was; You got caught with having two accounts which is not allowed on Unibet, you created this account during your self exclusion and only the money you deposited will be sent back to your bank account. I did an objection on that but he keep insisting that he couldn't help the decision was made by the higher department.
I emailed info@unibetsupport.com to retrieve more information about this situation; I received a email back in Dutch since I live in the Netherlands. I used google translate in order the members here can read it.

''We have found 2 Unibet Accounts with your details and therefore one of your accounts closed .

This is not allowed in our rules that you have read at enrollment and had to accept , in particular rule :

2.9 An Account Holder can only have one player account at the same time . In case this rule is violated , the other players accounts of the account holder who violates this rule will be blocked and / or canceled can. All funds in the different players accounts can be transferred to the unique player account and the remaining accounts can be canceled . Bonuses awarded to the other player accounts will be reallocated . If a player account fraud is detected , the account will be blocked funds frozen and the player permanently deleted. There is, in this case, no benefit is payable to the player .

Besides this , you have also the rules and regulations of the self - rule broken :

"I declare that I am not at the Unibet site will go or try to go . During this period of self-exclusion "

"I understand that the Unibet site can block if it is discovered that I have a second account to me. "

On this basis , the second account was closed. Please open during the self-exclusion date , no other accounts more or we will be forced to permanently block your account.

Because you created a 2nd account we can deposits that you have made ​​to this 2nd account back into your bank account when your self-exclusion period has ended. This is only possible if the payments to your bank account are come . The payments are added together and any withdrawals are collected them , so you do not lose in the stipulated period .

Have a nice day! ''

From my understudying in Rule 2.9 it says that after the first account all other accounts will be blocked because they violate this rule and the deposit/withdraw payments will be reversed back on those accounts wether you have a lost or profit, this is also told to me on phone when I contact Unibet first time. As explained in the beginning they decide to delete my first account where I won 1663 euros. So I emailed them back and mentioned about the rule 2.9 that they have deleted the wrong account because that account was made 1 year before the other one which I set on self exclusion. Now they keep saying that I violated the self exclusion rule and have created a new account. However, if they investigate my both accounts they will notice that every single information about my name etc. is the same, only the Email is not because I didn't had access to it. I also don't understand how reliable and valid as email could be as ID? I think the system needs to function according name surname date of birth.

I really don't have a clue anymore what to do and therefore I joined this forum to seek for help of the experienced people to help me out, I can't have a good sleep these days because I don't believe that I have been treated according the rules and feel kinda screwed. I believe that they only made a decision which is positive on there side.
I emailed them back and explained that according the rules which needs to be followed and applied; I need and demand to receive my 1663euros or the reversing of my whole player history on the second account wether the wins or lose to sent back to my bank or transferred to my first account. They keep responding with '' this decision is made we can not reverse this anymore, you broke the rules your first account will be closed''

Lastly, My apologizes for the long written, I tried to explain exactly what I experienced so everyone can understand the whole situation.
Looking forward to your response, and I'm grateful for the effort of members who reads this to help me out.

ps. if necessary please ask for more information.

Thanks in advance,



Gamblefather,you have created a minefield for yourself.Unibet are entitled to close an account if you break their rules by running two accounts with them.Almost any bookie would do the same thing.They are entitled and expected to refuse bets from anyone who excludes themself.Whilst you could argue that they should honour winnings already credited to self excluded people,since they would not have refunded losses,many bookies refuse to do that.
Sorry I haven't been more helpful here.I appreciate that losing both passwords and access to email addresses does happen.


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It's also worth bearing in mind that, if you choose to self-exclude from a bookmaker, you are self-excluding as an individual and are therefore self-excluding from ALL accounts you may have with that bookmaker and not just the one you happen to have been using at the time.


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I'm finding it pretty hard to be too sympathetic and wondering if there really isn't more to this. Like obtaining a new account bonus?
Really, how hard is it to contact the bookie if you've lost your login and email details?
And seriously, you think you would have more "luck" playing on the original rather than the new account? !!!


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Firstly, thank you guys for taking effort and replying on this topic.

Hereby I want to let you know that I overcome this frustrated topic and started to keep moving along.
I tried a couple of days to get the money I had rights on, however, as I said I'm over with it and I think that I also let a lot of frustrated emotions control my acting. Also I really did misunderstood the creation date etc rules. don't understand me wrong please, I'm don't scam or fraud.

Well as I mentioned I'am over with it, another experience lived. Thank you all, take care.


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