Ukash Vouchers - Be Careful!


New member
May 21, 2013
Occasionally when I try out a new bookmaker about whom I'm not entirely convinced, I make an initial deposit using a Ukash voucher. The reason I do this is because there are no fees attached to Ukash deposits and most bookmakers will let you withdraw any winnings to a debit/credit card or Skrill/Neteller/Paypal account if you subsequently make a successful deposit using that method (which I do once I'm satisfied that the bookmaker in question is ok to bet with). I don't do this very often and up until recently had had no problems depositing via Ukash. However, last week I attempted to deposit 100GBP with a single Ukash voucher I had bought from a local convenience store. The transaction was repeatedly declined, so I contacted Ukash thinking that the shop had mistakenly issued a voucher which was not age restricted and so could not be used on a betting website. I still think this is what happened, but despite following Ukash's instructions to submit a scan of the voucher to them along with proof of my address, I still have not had the matter resolved and am unable to use the voucher (I've emailed them a number of times with no further response beyond that they will let me know the status of my voucher in due course).

In short, if you are using a Ukash voucher to make a deposit into one of your betting accounts, make it crystal clear when you purchase it that the voucher must be age restricted (18+), otherwise you will not be able to use it and will be forced to spend a great deal of time chasing Ukash to resolve the matter (and I'm still waiting).