UFC Fight Night Main Event lived up to the hype!



Apr 13, 2018
The UFC main event was everything we expected and more!

It is crazy that Justin Gaethje will be up for fight of the year candidate and that his first three fights will probably all be in consideration.

I just don't know which one was the best. I would have to say his first against Michael Johnson because he pulled off the win in the end unlike his last two.

I thought he had broke DP, he was 4-5 more leg kicks away from not being able to stand. I am hearing a lot of people saying the eye poke actually played into

Dustin's advantage by giving him more time to recover. I love to watch him fight, not good fighting style for a long healthy career but entertaining as hell.

Overall the card was a good card and had some good fights, I thought Waterson lost her fight and I am not impressed with Israel Adesanya, he is too cocky for my

liking and think we wouldn't stand a chance against a top 5 opponent in the division. I was pulling for Carlos Condit but it seems his best days are behind him.

How good is Connor McGregor if he was able to starch DP in the first round? You can say what you want about him but he smoked Eddy Alvarez and DP and those

are two durable top contenders in the LW division.

So who would you like to see Gaethje fight next? How about Carlos Condit?

Should Dustin Poirier get the next title shot against Khabib?