Tonybet - Information requested



Apr 24, 2013
Hi All,

I have searched BMR for threads and posts relating to There do not appear to be any.

Hence I am starting a new Tonybet thread here at BMR in April 2015.

I have searched the internet and other sports forums for information about This is presented below:

[1] Tonybet limit quickly

[2] Tonybet appear to ask for ID requirements immediately after registration (as opposed to asking for ID upon an attempted withdrawal)

[3] Tonybet have poor customer service - they do not respond to emails and they do not answer the telephone

[4] Will Tonybet pay your withdrawal with no problems? - THIS IS NOT CLEAR

[5] Will Tonybet ask for more ID when you try to withdraw, even though you already provided ID as per [2] above? - THIS IS NOT CLEAR

The fact that Tonybet limit quickly is ok - if one is limited there, just withdraw your funds with no issues.

The fact that Tonybet appear to ask for ID up front is very good - at least you have a fully verified account and should have no issues when you are ready to withdraw

The fact that Tonybet have poor customer service (do not respond to emails/answer the phone) is worrying. If you have some kind of problem with your withdrawal or, for example, a wagering issue then how can it be resolved if Tonybet do not communicate?

So - the big questions to be answered in this thread are:

QUESTION 1 - - Is it really true that Tonybet do not respond to emails or answer the phone?

QUESTION 2 - - Does Tonybet actually pay withdrawals? Is your money safe at Tonybet?

QUESTION 3 - - Will Tonybet ask for more ID when it comes time to withdraw? This third question is important as if more ID is required, this could be used as an excuse to not pay a withdrawal. It also makes the "up front" ID provided redundant - if Tonybet ask for more ID then they could be at liberty to just say "this ID is no good" and then (presumably) your money is lost. I have included this third question because looking through information available on the internet, one customer appears to claim that he sent ID to Tonybet up front (and Tonybet processed the ID and said it was ok) and then later when he tried to withdraw, Tonybet asked him for even more ID. It is unclear if this customer was paid by Tonybet

Dear all, answers to QUESTION 1, QUESTION 2 or QUESTION 3 would be gratefully received. All replies and information is received with thanks.



Oct 6, 2014
Tonybet is a bookie from Estonia - started in 2009 after buying out omnibet and rebranding as TonyBet. They are pretty safe to my knowledge. Yes they do limit quickly so you probably won't be using them for very long.

I have never emailed or called them, however they do respond within 24 hours on twitter. This appears to be the way things are heading now - bookies appear to be responding quicker via social media than via email.

Yes, they pay withdrawals and your money will be safe. Rarely see complaints about this company. As a high street bookie in estonia aswell, it would appear that the financial backing is very good / the company is managed well and is profitable. You will not usually see an online bookie start opening shops if something was awry financially.

In regards to ID / KYC - this is something that must have changed as I was only asked prior to withdrawal. But if they are asking after registration, that is a good thing - all bookies should do this as far as I'm concerned. They shouldn't ask for anything further unless they suspect something is up with your account, in which case they are fully entitled to ask for extra clarification to prove who you are.

Don't believe every complaint you read on forums etc... The majority of them are fraudulent. It could also be that in the complaint you mention in question 3, the customer only sent through one form of ID and no proof of address or the customer could have been flagged by iovation.

One complaint about KYC shouldn't worry you about using a bookie. If you have used marathon bet before, who are notoriously bad for their KYC policy then I don't see why you should worry.

Obviously the decision is yours, so if you do have doubts then don't use them, but I bet you have probably used worse bookies before! I know I have