Tipico withdrawal


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Having a problem withdrawing on Tipico, maybe somebody can tell me if I'm missing anything...

I signed up and deposited 40 euros through paypal, didn't take the bonus. Yesterday I bet on Liverpool next goal before half time and made 80 euros profit - so balance 120 euros.

Your current tipico credit balance is:120,00 €
Blocked amount (Not to be withdrawn):0,00 €
Amount available:120,00 €

So, I typed in 120 but this message came up...

Your withdrawal request is larger than the amount available for withdrawal.

So, I tried 119.99 and it came up with a message saying The maximum payout via PayPal is equal to the amount of the previous deposit. (which was 40 euros).

So I typed in 40 and it was fine, withdrawal confirmed, payment in my paypal within the hour. So, I thought fine, I will withdraw another 40 and then another 40 later on. However, I tried 40 but this time that same message came up again - 'The maximum payout via PayPal is equal to the amount of the previous deposit." I don't get it? It was 40 and im trying to withdraw 40 (though Id prefer the full 80 that I have left in my balance). I have tried various things, like trying to withdraw through Visa but get the same backward messages.

There's also this in my account statement which reaffirms my eligibility to withdraw...

21/12/2013Total account balance80,00 €
Blocked amount for bonuses received 0,00 €
A further 0,00 € turnover must be made before the amount can be paid out
Immediately withdrawable amount 80,00 €

I sent two emails over 24 hours ago but have yet to receive a response. Im starting to get worried! Could do with that money for christmas. Can anyone help?


It took me a long time to verify my personal details with Tipico,but once I had done that I had no problems withdrawing from them.This is the Christmas period,so many bookies take longer to get things done.


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hmm, I wonder if its worth uploading an ID document. It has not been requested, nor does it say anywhere that I need to, but there is an upload option for it. Whats killing me is the not knowing when this email is coming back, I could be waiting for nothing. Im grateful for your response though quin :)


Tipico said you were eligible to withdraw.The Paypal thing sort of confirms that,because you were allowed to withdraw the money you deposited.So uploading documents might not be a good idea,since they haven't done anything to suggest that they want them.
My guess about the Paypal issue would be that Paypal don't want to be a way of paying out gambling winings in the way that Neteller and Moneybookers/Skrill are,so they won't let merchants refund money in excess of the money that was paid to them [only guessing,here !].If that's true then Tipico might wind up asking you for proof of ID before allowing you to withdraw by another method,which would take more time and be annoying.So you could upload the docs in anticipation of that,but trying to be clever might annoy Tipico.


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Well I kind of went straight for the documents upload after my last post. As soon as I uploaded them, the withdrawal message changed to...

Due to legal regulations of the licensing authorities, we request you to send us digital photos of the following documents:
a photo of your ID or passport stating your name and date of birth (Waiting for approval)
a photo of your ID, passport, recent utility bill not older than 3 months, or a registration certificate showing your address (Waiting for approval)
We can only authorise the payout after we have received these documents.

So I felt that was possibly good news, I sort of felt snookered with those error messages at least this is promising to act towards my withdrawal.

Its been a couple of days now, its still waiting for approval, so I guess Im just holding out now hoping for the day to come. Why can't Tipico just contact me in some way? Its really a basic courtesy.


That was obviously an automated response from their system,triggered by your uploading the docs.Let's hope the delay in them saying anything more is just due to a shortage of staff over the Christmas period.