Tipbet haven't money for to pay customers


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I am fully disappointed and frustrated with this company

They removed my winnings 464€ without acceptable reason

I wins one bonus with rollover 150,00 and with maximum winnings limited in 100€

Then I done bets using the bonus (prove evidence: https://i.postimg.cc/B678R8PR/bets-with-bonus.jpg) and ended the rollover with 119,56 as proved in this image of prove evidence

Then, after this moment of rollover ended, all bets I done (thousands of bets for long days of last weeks) was done using deposit funds, bonus deposit funds (other bonus) and real money

I then have now 522,56€. I asked a withdraw and when the finance team was remove that extra 19,56 (because with the bonus I wins 119,56 but the maximum is 100,00) then this team wrong and removed 464€

I am being stoled by Tipbet, I am fully disappointed and frustrated with it. I have all print screen of my thousands bets done for long days there. And the prove evidence of page bonus (https://i.postimg.cc/B678R8PR/bets-with-bonus.jpg) proving they would must to remove only 19,56

I think they are promesing bonuses only for to lie, offers liers without to honour if the customer to win and end the hard rollover with some profit, only as strategy of marketing

I think, then, Tipbet is scam company. I am unhappy with this and resolved to public for millions of peoples in all world here in this forum, as alert of scam company


I am sorry that this won't help you here,Lohyol - but if you suspect a bookie might be unwilling to pay,I think it would make sense to stagger payment requests - to ask for a bit of money at a time,rather than everything at once.That way,you might at least get the first payment - because at that stage,they don't know that you won't gamble the rest of the money away,and pay in some more.
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My end review about this company, for to advise and alert current and future possible customers for nobody more to open account and place money in this scam company, for not to have headache as I had:

No exist something good in this company. All is ridiculous and amateur. They only accept deposits and not pay withdraws of customers.

This is one company desonest. This company haven't money for to pay customers. They promise offers and not honour. They removed my 465,00 money of my balance, without any reason, and are closing chat while I am writing. I asked for to deal with one supervisor in chat and was denied me. I asked for to deal in phone with a staff member, and again was denied me. They haven't money for to pay customers. They only accept deposits and not pay withdraws of customers. This is attitude of one scam company!

Then, who have account in this company, fastly you must to change of sportsbook. And who haven't yet, never think in to register there! Or you too will to be stoled!