TGP Europe Ltd – T&C’s


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I was in communication with a member of the TGP Europe support team earlier today concerning one of the accounts I hold with them (ole777), and was told that a recent change to their terms and conditions meant that because I was self-excluded from one of their other white label brands (BetEast) I was now self-excluded from my ole777 account.

TGP have a number of brands / white labels listed under their gambling commission license, and I was wondering if TGP are now following ‘good practice’ or if they have been operating outside of license terms by allowing customers to bet using another brand, whilst being self-excluded?

BMR Admin

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We have had other forum members raise this question concerning different betting brands. When brands change their in house rules at time you should contact them to confirm that you are self excluded. We have also heard of people who were self excluded having their accounts reopened when a brand changes their terms and conditions.