Terrible experience, Marathonbet


New member
Dec 26, 2013
I opened an account with them nearly 3 weeks ago. lost some live bets, won almost the same. After the last winning bets they closed my account and asked for documents. I submitted them immediately (I had them ready, because I submited them in another bookmaker site and were promptly accepted) and they didn't reply for 8 long days. after reaching them several times through live chat yesterday I got the response. Neither of documents were accepted. The irony is that this documents, which are very clear, original and official documents, were accepted before without any problem in all other sites I played. And they are less than a month old. I asked them yesterday what they wanted exactly, but still no response. I'm very frustrated by them, all I want is my money there, which is not a great amount of money (nearly 300 euros). But I think months will pass before I get my money. Cheat Guys there. Hope anyone who want to deposit rethink of it