technical problem


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hi to all
i don't know if i could write here but hope for help.
i can't open betvictor from home.
i open it from work etc only not for home.
i did everything i can, deleted cookies, history, but it doesnt work.
do u think they blocked my home ip?
i really don't know what to think.
it was my one of favorite bookie, that's why i missing them :(

best regards


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I doubt they've blocked your home IP address - why would they? If they didn't want you as a customer, they would just close your account and prevent you from logging in (and would have sent you an email telling you that they had closed your account). The only thing I can suggest is that you try downloading a new browser that you have never used before (i.e. one with no cookies or history on it) and see if that works. Maybe give Comodo Dragon a try?


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Have you tried opening They are managed by BetVictor and have the same odds and almost all the same markets. If you can't open Mcbookie either, then it may be an issue involving the compatibility of your firewall/internet security package and the BetVictor sites, but I'm not a technical expert.


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Where you from new_world? perhaps your ISP has blocked it - but usually you would receive a message.

Have you tried logging in / loading the site on mobile or a tablet via the browsers on them or via the App??

When you say you can't access the site - what is happening?? Does anything load at all or is your browser screen just completed blank?


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browser screen is page not found
i can open it on mobile using the same wifi
too funny..
thanks for respods friends

I'm from Georgia