Starcraft 2 Super Tournament


Mar 23, 2018
Bet365 offers an interesting market for many of the bigger SC2 tournaments; Race of the Winner. In SC2 there are three races which I mentioned prior. The odds on this are very dependent upon the composition of the bracket. At this event 9 of the players are protoss and the lower half of the bracket features six of them. This gives an enormously high likelihood of seeing a protoss in the final. Unfortunately the price on a victory for 'Aiur' it is not that enticing at a lowly 1.95! There is only one protoss player from the upper-bracket I hold to have a serious shot at making the grand-final, Stats. However that path is very challenging for any player. The winner of Maru/Stats will then have to play the winner of Dark/Gumiho and then, most likely, Rogue. All of these players have had many historic tournament victories and are all deserving of outright consideration.

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