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May 9, 2019
Hello to BMR community
After successful pass to over 30 bookmakers "kyc" procedure,I can confirm that this is the worst case I have ever had.

They appeared "normal" after requesting passport, a recent utility bill (must be less than 6 months old),and Bank statement (less than 6 months old)
So I have send them all three requests.
Normally for passport they can not dispute it,because passport is internationally formated document.
As for utility bill they rejected my TV/Net/Tel bill from April saying that my bill doesn't meet the requirements for the verification procedure.
They also rejected my bank statement at that time,
After that I have waited 10 days for my second bill from mobile operator to come,so I can send it immediately.
They refused my second bill stating that it is not "gas, water, electricity" bill and they cant accept it.
After that I told them that I am living with my father who is paying "gas, water, electricity" bills,and I am sending them all I have.

For the"Bank statement" issue,it is a mystery to me because I have send them contract between me and bank,where on first page you can extract all the data you need,and they refused it "As for the bank statement you have uploaded, it doesn't meet the requirements for the verification either, as we don't accept credit card statements."

Because I am out of documents at this time I am asking you what should I do now?

BMR Admin

Jan 29, 2018
Hi Asdejan we want to help you...please fill out this complaint form and we will look into this for you.