Some Self Exclusion Advice Please


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Jun 1, 2017
Hi Everyone and thanks for reading my post.

My name is Dee and I was reading the post on the Forum about claiming back deposits when self excluded and wondered if you could give me some advise on how to deal with the issue outlined below.

Any advice would be appreciated.

So here is my problem.

I have emailed over 600 slot sites with a set self exclusion letter outlining my problem gambling, how it is an illness and how my GP has recommended that I block all access as it is harmful to my health etc and I even paid a company to do this for me as well.

I have given them all names I might go by, any addresses I might use and all of my email addresses. I have requested that I be blocked from their site and any affiliated sites on receipt. After which I had over 600 replies agreeing to do this including several from Jackpot Joy and Leo Vegas.

I even have Betfilter installed but sadly, it’s not 100% effective.

This week however, I have managed to sign up to 2 of my excluded sites Jackpot Joy and Leo Vegas and lost over £1000 at each without any issues being raised by them. I signed up using all my original details, name, address, DOB and email. Of course I lost, but I am sure had I won, that I would not have been paid out.
I am fully aware that It is my own fault but, I also feel that if my details had been picked up then I would not have had the opportunity to gamble.

I have emailed both Jackpot Joy and Leo Vegas stating how disappointed I am after self excluding that I have been able to sign up using the same details and so far all I have received is an email basically saying that although they do their best ultimately it is my responsibility.

In your opinion, do you think I have a case for requesting a refund of all deposits? And if you do, what should I say to them because I feel I’m just getting brushed off each time I contact them.

Any help or advice you can give me would be very much appreciated.

BMR Genie

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Jun 16, 2016
Hi deezzee, thank you for sharing your experience. Are those two sites already closed their door for any chance of refund? If so, maybe you can try writing directly to their regulators, Jackpotjoy regulated by Gibraltar Gambling Commission while Leo Vegas is regulated by Maltese Law.


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May 21, 2013
If you're based in the UK, then the regulatory body for both of these sites is the UK Gambling Commission. I know that it won't help you to get your money back, but you're 100% correct when you say that you would not have been paid if you had won. Before a withdrawal request is processed, one of the first checks that an operator does is to see whether the player has self-excluded. If you play with a bookmaker from whom you have previously self-excluded, you will never ever get paid any winnings. You need to look at the Terms and Conditions of these two sites with regard to their policy concerning self-excluded players who open another account to see what chance there is of you getting your deposits back, but you should be aware that they may have a clause which states that you are responsible for any losses incurred if you continue to gamble with them when self-excluded. I'm sorry that I can't be more helpful.