SnakeEyes11 & 18th Hole Thefts!


New member
Aug 4, 2013
SnakeEyes11 & 18th Hole have stolen $4,500 & $4,200 from me respectively. I received payouts from both books prior to theft. So just because you're getting paid now, doesn't mean you'll be paid in the future. These books are obviously one in the same, like DSI/Bookmaker. They operate on same IP/servers using the same software. I e-mailed a formal complaint to the OTGS forum trying to rectify the situation prior to posting about it, since they have these books so highly rated there. They were no help & now believe in cahoots, since this same consequent thread was deleted in seconds there. So I'm left with no choice but to warn fellow gamblers on other forums, before falling victim to SnakeEyes11 as well.

Multiple thefts from 18th Hole have been well documented on other forums, so 18th closed their Twitter account & OTGS forum had to downgrade them to remain respectability. But all their respectability is lost having SnakeEyes rated A. Just a matter of time before SnakeEyes steals from others as well. They claim to cater to professionals, yet they can only afford to pay out a max of $750 every two weeks. That should have been a red flag to me right there. Get your money out now, or be sorry later.

I knew the risk/reward going in & still managed to profit more than the stolen amounts, with all the cash bonuses & arb opportunities. That's why they chose to steal from me, because I was destroying them with all their pathetic off lines.