singbet offered by asianconnect voided my bet with no reasoning!


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Jan 18, 2013
This is to inform community about outrageous behaviour from singbet (or should i say sinbet) and hopefully protect other potential victims.
My issue is with a bet I placed via asianodds platform (betting platform offered by asianconnect agent) and have it voided after the end of the match.
Ok. You would say what’s the big deal? Singbet is wellknown for voiding bets.
Sure , but I think this case is different it was a totally normal bet and as asianodds support informed me they are not even discussing about the issue .

This was asianodds reply
“They can, at any moment and will not take back such decisions, void bets
they consider part of syndicate or made with systems. Unfortunately, we
cannot reason out with them because their decision is always final and
Singbet is well-known in the industry for this behaviour of grading bets. We
suggest to our customers to avoid placing bets for this bookie if the way
Singbet grade bets would be an issue for them and Singbet advises the same. “

Now, some facts:
1) I placed bet under 2,5 (match 1-1 , around 80 min of match) at odds 1,4 when at the same time sbo’s odds was 1.37
2) 5 min later I placed the same bet at 1,24 (totally normal I would say for this fall of odds at this stage of the match) and this bet was normally settled as won
3) I took a screenshot a couple of minutes after my first bet , singbet’s odds was 1.31 and sbo’s 1.27 i am sure that you will agree with me that this kind of difference gives no ground for my bet to be considered as "abnormal" and it is an extra proof that there was nothing wrong with the odds
4) I am betting years with singbet , I know very well about their “habit” to void bets so I am very careful with what I am betting with them and believe it or not due to my carefulness I never had any other bet voided when I was betting straight from their site and not via asianodds !
So my quess is that using singbet via asianodds played some role with the cancelation of my bet

What is most unbeliaveble is that according to asianodds support ""Please be informed that any of the bookies reserves the right to grade bets in any way and any point of time in their sole discretion."

So , more or less they can steal people's money at will and not even reason why or give account to anyone!!!
And it makes me wonder where should i officialy complaint about that issue? Should i do that to Asianconnect's juristiction ? Should i do to singbet's juristiction ? And which is singbet's juristiction?

Now you are warned that using singbet (at least via asianodds platform) involves great risk to have your money stolen , unfortunately I learned that the hard way!


Nov 20, 2012
Hi,Captainody.I suspect that Singbet are finding that the business they get from Asianodds is less profitable than their normal business because the Asianodds customers only bet with them when their odds are highest or joint highest.In the example you gave,their odds were more than 10% higher not in absolute terms but in return-on-stake - not a palpable error but enough to wipe out Singbet's profit margin.