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Jun 10, 2021
Action Network Sports
EURO Soccer Picks
C* Sweden
B* Czech Republic
A* England -1.5 goals
C* 76ers -145 (Moneyline)
B* Jazz -120 (Moneyline)
Pickswise Sports
EURO Soccer Picks
B* Sweden -114
B* Czech Republic +240
A* England/Scotland Under 2.5 [-109]

MLS Soccer Picks
C* Real Salt Lake -119
B* New York Red Bulls +143

NHL C* Best Bet - Vegas Golden Knights -160

NBA - No C* Plays Tonight

B* Hawks +3.5
A* Hawks/76ers Under 222

B* Jazz -120 (Moneyline)
B* Jazz/Clippers Under 220

MLB Best Bets
Twins -157
White Sox +100
The Sports Geek

EURO Soccer Picks
Croatia +125

Vegas Golden Knights -160
Vegas Golden Knights -1.5 goals (+170)

Utah Jazz -120 (Moneyline)
Larry Ness

J-jazz-120Ben Burns


Indian Cowboy

D Samsung -155 ... KBO
B TB/NYI Over 5 -135 ... NHL
D Liberty/Aces Under 173 ...

  • Game: (513) Utah Jazz at (514) Los Angeles Clippers
    Date/Time: Jun 18 2021 10:05 PM EDT
    Betting Line Provider: Consensus Line
    Play Rating: 4 units
    Play: 1H Utah Jazz -0.5 (-115)
Mike Barner

ATLANTA +3 over PhiladelphKevin Davis - BoogieDownPicks

Giants -121 - - - BIG PLAY
Cardinals (1st 5 innings) [+150]
Houston Astros (Team Total) Over 3.5 runs [-12Wayne Root
Reserve- Atlanta Hawks
Green Falcon Picks (of Green Pitch Sports)

Argentina - Uruguay
CONMEBOL - Copa America, 02:00 CET (Jun 19) / 8:00 PM ET
3.2 Units: Uruguay +0.5 -116FirstHalfSports
braves ml Insider Sports Report

D* Philadelphia -3 over Atlanta (NBA)
Range: -1.5 to -5

C* Minnesota (Berrios) -155 over Texas (Foltynewicz)
Range: -140 to -175 Docs NBA:

CU-Philadelphia -3.0
DU-Under 221.5 (Philly/Atlanta)
CU-Utah to Win (ML)

BMR Service Plays

If you have been betting sports for even a short time then you know all about paid professional touts, otherwise known as sports handicappers. It's a shadowy business but there are thousands of handicappers who will happily charge you for their sports picks. Whether it is the NFL, college football, NBA, college hoops, NHL, soccer, or matches in MMA, tennis, golf, even auto racing, their expert opinions are for sale.

But how good are these guys? Like anything else, there is good, bad, and plenty in-between. The marketing come-ons are priceless and some of them will want you to believe they have never had a losing day. The implication is, the more you pay the more valuable that pick is, and many come with guarantees. The only problem is that very rarely does the customer get a refund if the pick loses, he just gets another pick…only this time it's "free".

Transparency is everything and there are professional cappers who are honest regarding their records and don't claim to win every game. But separating the wheat from the chaff is tough to do in this industry so Bookmakers Review neither endorses nor promotes any paid handicapper on our site. The opinions you see expressed in our Service Plays Forum are disseminated by the posters who have acquired this information by either paying for the service themselves or finding out through other means.

Of course, there are free sports picks that paid touts release in order to generate interest in their service. Their predictions are predicated on their experience in the industry and their ability to correctly handicap games. The implied value in having to purchase their information is what teases curiosity and brings bettors to the table to find out if they are truly better than the average sports bettor.

The use of this information is for entertainment purposes and should in no way be construed as an endorsement or an entity affiliated with Bookmakers Review. Check the federal, state, and local laws in your area and avoid where prohibited.

What's a Letter Grade?

Handicappers who charge for their daily selections whether it be basketball, MLB, major bowl games, soccer, Stanley Cup, or whatever season is current, normally have a grading system. Posts from our members will identify the level of the sports tips in terms of A as the weakest and then B, C, D, etc. Oftentimes these threads will be titled with the name of the handicapper, as the more popular paid handicappers will get substantially more views which are also indicated in the thread.

Other times, there will be posts from users who collect information at several online gambling sites and will create a thread that is often titled Service Plays of the Day. These threads will routinely have the date accompanying the sports picks so our guests can understand whether this information is for today's picks or dates in the past or future.

There will either be a moneyline, a total, or a point spread attached to each pick but you should understand that getting a sharp line and the best odds are critical to long term success so make certain that the odds stated are reasonable and not an idyllic number that never existed at any sportsbook, anywhere in the world. The information contained is from the posters here at BMR and not directly from the source. Many times the paid handicappers and their sports betting picks will be found in a number of threads throughout the forum.

Poster Interaction

The best part of the Service Plays Forum is that it is dynamic and allows our users to interact with each other. Today a particular handicapper might be running white-hot while a check of another capper could prove the opposite. The regular visitors will be able to determine who is better at which sport and how often do they cover. All opinions are welcome and you will often see fascinating information from the posters themselves who often know more than many of those providing the paid tips.

One thing that is prohibited is the direct writeups from the paid cappers. Only the picks are revealed and the letter grade assigned. BMR prohibits copying and pasting the analysis used to derive these selections but the conclusions and predictions are freely shared on our pages. Some paid handicappers will use statistics and analysis while others are more casual as to why they chose Team A or Team B.

Whatever sport you happen to be interested in, there are paid cappers willing to sell their opinions but it is important to be aware that many of them are powered more towards marketing and less to intense analytical scrutiny and betting trends. The best cappers will keep an honest log of their picks and will be fully transparent so that even if they lose an NBA, MLB, college bowl game, or a football game, for example, the legitimate cappers will acknowledge it and not attempt to bury it in their record.

Like the average bettor, paid cappers run hot and cold, whether it is a daily play or throughout a full season. Some of the best cappers stick to one sport like the NBA but most will sell their daily opinions on whichever sport is in session. And if you are not sure then ask around and pick a poster's brain familiar with the industry and the touts who get paid to make their customers money. All questions are welcome.

Lastly, it is important you do a bit of due diligence of your own before making a bet. The best bettors understand that they are as only as good as their last winner and today is a brand new day. Sports betting takes time and energy but it can be enjoyable and lucrative if you remain disciplined. And remember to make sure you check out the odds at more than just one site so when you view these threads and the picks from these "sports betting experts" make certain the odds are correct because if you do, it won't be long before you will be able to distinguish between the scamdicappers and the true handicappers.