Self exclusion refund


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Aug 1, 2020
Hi I’m wondering if anyone can help and for some advice please.

i registered with gam stop over a year ago - i was banned from all casinos except Boyle sports who regularly started emailing me enticing me to play with them.
i took a risk re joining back up expecting to be declined and they let me join - approving my I.D and address.
i used my full name / dob / address yet I have a new email address.
i went on to loose over 2k - do I have a case here? Was anyone successful in getting their deposits back atall? Gam stop have advised me given my details were the same I registered with I should be entitled to my deposits.
worried that I have a new email address that this voids that - yes I understand I have a problem.
but this is a serious breech of their license,any similar situations and good outcomes?


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Nov 20, 2012
Lookup Jimmy Justice on twitter or try the complaint button on the right of this page.
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