Self Excluded But Opened A New Account


New member
Aug 20, 2014
I self excluded myself from Betway some time ago because I struggle to control my gambling. In a recent moment of weakness I opened a new account. It needs to be pointed out that I changed my bank provider between the period of self excluding and opening a new account, hence my debit card details changed. I also have two email accounts which I use regularly. As it happens, I opened the new account using the email which I hadn't previously registered with Betway. This was a total chance occurence. Betway did no checks of my Name, Date of Birth or Phone Number before allowing me to gamble money yet they insist that because I used a different email address and debit card that I was trying to fool the system. My argument is (a) they should have prevented me from opening a new account by doing better checks (b) had I won money and had to provide them with identification then they would have refused to pay out the winnings to me, yet as I lost the deposited funds they still do not have to return any funds to me. Has anybody any experience with this sort of thing and will the LGA take my side or theirs on this? I don't know if I'm wasting my time chasing them or not. Any help would be appreciated