Dec 12, 2015
Hello there.

I registred week ago with sbobet and after registration sent documents-ID proof(ID card)and address proof(internet bill). All documnets was clear,high quality and absoluty legible.
Afre couple day I gat answer form account officer Li Lin-

Dear Sir,
We are writing as a feedback from our compliance and regulatory department after verification your documents.
We would like to know how you intend to make deposit to top up your SBOBET account.
Kindly provide us the registered email address if it is E-wallet (Skrill / Neteller), and front card copy if it is Visa Card. MasterCard statement is required if it is a MasterCard.
On the other hand, we would like to obtain another supporting document such as Bank/Credit Statement with your name & address are appearing on it, which is not older than 90 days.
Thank you very much and have a nice day.
Best regards,
Li Lin, Ong
Account officer
Accounting Dept

Firstly -I have suspicion that Li Lin is not Isle of Man officer(must attend EU customers)but the Philipines ! I think it is variance with T@ C.
A Susicion also reinforced by emails answers-only mornings by European(in Philipins nooday).Never you get answer after noon ..
Second-this "officer" asking ONLY card statement or Bank data(there is lot of options how to verify address without credit card statement or Bank statement )
So i have suspicion that thsi Philipines worker actually is swindler who tru to obtain your Bank or Credit Card data.

Please carefull with Li Lin.

Also request to Bookmakers forum team try to find how entitled is this officer requests . Otherwise i dont see this forum significence-most of complaints here is "cry on the shoulder"-without assistence from Bookmakersforum side....