Samvo £5000 Free Bet Offer


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Hi All

I would like to update you on a very special bonus offer on <a href="">Samvo</a>. This offer is being run exclusively through a select number of websites, including

<a href="">Samvo</a> are offering customers a free bet up to £5000 on who will win the English Premier League.

The promotion mechanics are as follows:

1) Customers deposit between £100 and £5000

2) They select the team they want to back to win the English Premier League this season.

3) Samvo places a bet to the value of 25% of their first deposit at market prices listed on

4) Customers must wager 8x the value of their initial deposit over the course of the season to claim any winnings (redeposits will contribute).

5) There is the opportunity to increase the free bet value to 50%, 75% and finally 100% of the initial deposit value by qualifying for 50% of Samvo Betback bonus weeks. Essentially customers must wager £1000 on no fewer than 7 out of 14 weeks for the periods going from September 2 to December 8, 2013 (50%); December 9, 2013, to March 16, 2014 (75%); March 17 to June 22, 2014 (100%).

**This promotion ends on 31st August 2013.**

<a href=""> Click here for Terms & Conditions and to Join!</a>

Feel free to ask any questions here.


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quincunx said:
<p>What is the minimum bet size on Samvo ? Which markets do they cover ?</p>

The minimum bet at <a href=""></a> is £2. The main markets you can see on the site are Football/Soccer and Basketball. It may also be possible to bet on other sports/events (except horse racing/dog racing), and availability and betting is done via the telebetting service (08000 30 20 60)

Please note that for this promotion, odds must be 1.75 or greater to meet wagering requirement.

<a href="">Terms & Conditions</a>


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What's the currency equivalent in €, that I have to bet each week, and can I check the currency rate somewhere on the site?


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Hi TI22 - The rate for this week is GBP -> EUR = 1.1641. If you would like to confirm the exchange rate at any time, you can go through the live chat on our site to contact the customer service team, or alternatively:

Customer Services from UK : 08708 30 20 30
International Customer Service: +44 (0) 20 3075 6666