Reminder - quick checklist of do s and don'ts when trying out new bookies


New bookies spring up all of the time.Most don't last very long.Somebody has to give new ones a chance - it doesn't have to be you.If you do decide to try one,here's a quick checklist of do s and don'ts [others,please comment on/add to this list].
1.Do read reviews and ratings on this site if there are any.Read reviews elsewhere on the net too,but be aware that some may have been planted.Look on forums,too.
2. Do check on things like the bookie's location.
3.Do actually look at the terms and conditions - especially the terms for any bonuses,any fees for deposits and withdrawals.Be wary if these are too restrictive - if,for example,a bookie doesn't offer Neteller or Skrill that can be a bad sign.
4.Do get your account verified before depositing money

1, Don't deposit too much with a new bookie - no matter how attractive the bonuses.If the bonuses are too attractive,that can be a bad sign.
2.Don't get greedy.The more you win,the less likely you are to get paid.Don't run up big balances.
3.Be wary of obvious errors/out-of -line odds.No bookie can afford to be out of line with the market.Competitive odds are okay,odds that are overbroke with the rest of the market are not.
4 If you arb a lot,you are likely to get shut down and may not even get paid.
5 Despite what I said about not running up big balances,don't withdraw/deposit too often,as this may make your account too expensive for the bookie to run.


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Very sound advice. Make sure that you also check who licenses the new bookmaker. For example, if you are based in the UK and your bookmaker is not licensed by the UK Gambling Commission, then that bookmaker is operating illegally by accepting bets from UK customers - hardly the sign of a reputable operator.


Trevrizent,I hate,loath and detest the UK's point-of-consumption tax.Before the tax,I had accounts with Pinnacle,SBObet and 12bet - these have all been closed due to the introduction of the new tax.
Now,if I open an online account with an overseas bookie from the UK,I do not see why the UK should or do have the right to insist that that bookie register with them or pay them tax ,since they do not have jurisdiction.True,some bookies have closed the accounts of UK customers to avoid trouble.At least one respectable bookie hasn't.[I'm not saying who as drawing attention to it might cause trouble for them].I don't think that bookie is licensed by the UK Gambling Commission.I also do not believe that the UK has legal jurisdiction outside of the UK and its overseas territories.So,then how is that bookie operating illegally by accepting UK customers without a licence from the UK Gambling Commission ?


Pier has just tweeted that the point-of-consumption tax has been referred to the European Court.Still hope of it being overturned,then.