Re Justbob review of 12bet


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Nov 20, 2012
justbob submitted a review of 12bet.IMHO,this should probably have been a complaint.justbob said that he'd backed the 'overs' in a tennis game,and that the game was already 'over' his target when one player retired.
IMHO,justbob is right,although I do have some sympathy with 12bet,who were effectively offering a concession in their rules which may not have been intended.If a player retires after the overs target has been exceeded,the bet can be won,but it cannot be lost if the target hasn't been exceeded.However,the reverse would apply if a player had backed the 'unders'.
Anyway,assuming it's all true,12bet should pay up - such a mistake in the drafting of their rules would be their fault.


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Nov 15, 2012
If not a complaint it should have certainly been a forum thread.

Reviews should be used to report the overall experience not a single betting episode.

Regarding 12Bet all I'm going to say is that they are in the Orange list for exactly the same reason experienced by Justbob: they are amateurs who can't even read and apply their own rules.

Having said that, if Justbob sends me his account details, I'll try to speak to them.