Question about live wagering


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Dec 16, 2021
Most book use 3rd party system to run their live wagering. But do books have control when to accept a bet after it gets enter and when to reject.

Like if you put a bet on in on 3rd down between the snaps, can a book put it on hold till they get results and block the favorable side bet and accept the unfavorable side bets? Or is that process governor by the 3rd party system and the book have to accept all bets that was enter say 10:40:34 and reject all bets that was enter at 10:40:35 (random time just for example).

I sometimes wonder is that what is happening when you miss out on a few bets would have went your way and only shits that end up against you gets accepted. Maybe it is all mental because we remember bad shit more than good stuff.


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Dec 23, 2021
Definitely possible...that why I like sticking to betting at start or at intermissions to make sure they can't do that...