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Hello I have problem with Betsonic. At 4. Aprill I deposited 100euro and receive 100euro bonus. I send documents for verification and they verified my account after few weeks. At 24. April I fulfill bonus requirements and I make withdraw request. After 17 days I send message where is my money and why it takes so long? they answer me:
“Hi sandra,
Your withdrawal has been executed.
We apologize for the delay.”
And after 23days they payout me half of my balance 888euro and send me message:
Hi sandra,
this is to inform you that the final payment into your Skrill account is the half amount requested, since The Company is of the opinion that there are legitimate concerns that your account is, has been or may be used for illegal, fraudulent or dishonest practices.
Best Regards,
Irini Borg
I look for an explanation and they answer me:

Hi sandra,
Our decision is in line with the terms and conditions that you accepted when you applied for the bonus.
Please see the relevant term below
'' 5) The company reserves the right to deny any bonus to any client without explanation. Also the company reserves the right to deduct the bonus at any time without explanation, even if the client performed all necessary turnover requirements. Betsonic reserves the right to deduct the bonus and confiscate all winnings made from the bonus. ''
According to this term that you accepted, we can deduct all the winnings and return to you just the amount of your deposit. Nevertheless, we decided to credit you the half amount back as a good will gesture from our side.
Hi Sandra,
please be informed that your gaming account is now suspended till further notice.
Best Regards,
Μaria Spiteri

and finaly before 8days:
Dear customer,
We would like to inform you that your post
has been reviewed by our lawyers and we will take all legal measures against you unless you take it down in the next 48 hours.

Best Regards,
I really not know what is problem. I just place sports bets and win 1776euro. they rob me for 888euro without reason . please help me.
And do not deposit your money there because they are fraudsters and they will rob your money (or half of money)


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This is answer of betsonic:

This is our answer regarding the following post:Betsonic scam

First of all, Betsonic is not a scam site, is trust company since 2010 and offer services in thousand of players without complaints.
From beginning of Betsonic, the customer service management & our accounting department fulfills the requirements based on excellent cooperation with main squares in a the smooth operation and the terms and conditions maintained by our company. Respected our conditions we found your betting activity like arbitrage & bonus abusing method.
You deposit 100 Eur on the 6th of April and you got 100 Eur bonus. you made 200 Eur bet, when specifically we allow maximum bet equal to the deposit in the bonus terms and conditions. On the 10th of April you realized this rule and ever since you always bet 100 eur bet, without any deviation. Obvious indication of bonus abuse strategy. Even more, the moment you fulfilled the wagering requirements, you stop immediately betting, despite of the fact that before you were very keen to bet. A proof of bonus abuse strategy.
Despite this, we decided to credit you the half amount back as a good will gesture from our side, as we believe you deserve the profit came from your real money, but you do not deserve the bonus comes from our bonus money.

Thank you for understanding.


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At 30.05. They send me this

Hi ,

Unfortunately, our legal department has concluded that your betting behaviour and pattern are bonus abusing therefore, according to our terms and conditions you should not expect any other payment than the one already paid into your account.

Best Regards,

Stephanie Azzopardi

Your Support Team


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They sure have a liberal interpretation of 'bonus abuse'.

I wonder how they can see noticing that the max bet was $100 and then doing just that as bonus abuse. Confusing.