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I have a big problem with book
i requested a payout of 1.500£ via Skrill 20 days ago.
they never answer to my emails.
besides, the bad thing is that now my balance is 2,000£, but they limit my bets, some days I can bet 0£ and a maximum of not more than 50£. So these 2,000£ are 'trapped'.

can u help me?

thanks so much


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Hi, please send an email to so someone can look at your case.


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hello, is your problem resolved? i have same problem, different is just that i got 2 withdrawals without problem but on my third i w8 over 3 weeks and still nothing.


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finally bet2be paid me,
after 17 days and 1.000 emails... it's a miracle!

thank you, although I don't have any help from you.


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Hi, I'm experiencing exactly the same problem with bet2be as you are describing above.

Withdrawal is pending for 10 days ("awaiting confirmation") now and bet2be won't answer any of my emails. My uploaded documents have been verified a long time ago..

Any advice on how I should proceed?



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Hello azrael,
they paid me yesterday, i mean 17 days after I requested a payout.
I hope they pay you soon.
how much money you have requested? and now you still have money in your balance? they allow you to place bet? they always write this message if I try to bet: 'You have Reached bet limit per day', so my account is blocked.
I sent many many emails, they never answered me.
I sent email to the Isle of Man Gambling Supervision Commission and SBR FORUM.
write also to

My new BIG problem is that in my balance now I have 2487£.
From yesterday, They don't allow me to place bets.
I ask many times via email the reasons and they never answered me.
Now I'm worried that they want to steal my balance.

someone can really help us ,please?



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They paid me too just about few hours ago! I hope that they are just having some problems and that they are more or less OK, but new and unprepared for things they are dealing with. I just hope they will payout everything in my account, but they are slow. I must say that i got paid two withdrawals earlier in no more than 3 days, but after that i must waited for more than 2 weeks for third to be processed, and i am still waiting for forth. Good luck!


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My payout of about 300 pounds is still pending (almost 2 weeks now).

Don't have any money left in my balance and will of course never deposit again.
Worst bookmaker ever..


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I have the same problem.

First I got the same message as you "you have reached the daily limit". even though I havent played within the last day

And now I cant login, and are getting the message that my account is blocked. They are refering to their rules that players from denmark are not allowed.
But I know for sure that this was not the case when I opened the account just 3-4 months ago.

I have mailed them a couple of times now without answer


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I have another big problem with
Today blocked my account without inform me.
I wrote many emails to ask the reasons, but they never answered me.
Yesterday I requested a payout via Skrill of my entire balance (2552.48£).
I hope you can help again me because I'm really worried.
thank you very much for your interest


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how do you mean blocked your account? you cant log in? I also cant place bets, only one per day and only for 1 gbp. They have big problems with correcting odds. they are too slow so i think they block accounts that use to bet on odds that are way bigger than on other bookmakers. But that is their fault and all money should and must be paid. I am still w8ing my withdraw..