Pinnaclesports Asian View


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I am sure like many others I got the following email from <a href="">PinnacleSports</a> over the weekend.

<strong>Dear xxxxxx,

<strong>You now have the opportunity to switch from the current 'Classic Site View' to an alternative 'Asian View' which provides features that can enhance your betting experience, especially if you are a live soccer bettor.

<strong>Key Asian View features include:
• A bet slip instead of a confirmation page
• Odds updating in the bet slip making bet placement faster, especially for live soccer
• Sports displayed in their entirety
• Increased number of betting lines on the screen
• Access to alternative handicap lines outside of a drop-down menu
• The option to customise your Time zone<strong>

What do you guys think of the Asian View? Are any of you using it? What do you think of the bet slip?


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thanks g-man for info :)
i use pinny and i read just banner asian view, never was interested.
i checked now and it looks like sbobet. maybe i'll check how it works, as i use for livebetting sbo and bet365.
and what about bet slip?
it's looks normal
sad but it seems future of betting business is in livebetting. pinny i like for classic menu and good odds.
i don't often bet on live


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I think if you want to make money you must go live betting. The bets are insecure and get rejected but it is most likely to earn money.


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Pinacle asian dont look like SBO,it look not good,it look like dafabet.
First what I dont like is soccer -here is only way to scrolling ,I cant chosing soccer by country,it is very big minuss for me.


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i made some bets there live,
i think they don't have many games to bet.
i told about colours, they look like sbobet, never used dafabet.
overal i think it's normal for me, as don't search what to bet, just already know what game i want and if they have it it's ok.
for livebetting hunters poor menu sure.