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I want to report what happened on Parimatch.

During the World Cup in Brazil I bet on PARIMATCH the match "Ivory Coast vs Japan" and I bet that the player Wilfried Bony score.
Bony scored after 64 minutes and he was substituted after 78 minutes.
Link with the report of the match:

But the next day my bet was VOID. The reason given by PARIMATCH was: "The player did not play".
Then it began a long correspondence with PARIMATCH.
I wrote that the player scored. For this reason, it was impossible that Bony did not play.
They replied that Bony was not in the first string.
I wrote that Bony was in the first string.
They said that he entered into the field after 78 minutes.
I say that he scored after 64 minutes and so, it was difficult he could enter after 78 minutes.
After that, I sent the scoresheet of the match by pointing out everything above-mentioned.
Not knowing how to get out of this situation, PARIMATCH took the incredible decision of replacing the original ticket (indicating that the player selected in the bet was W. Bony) with an other one indicating the different player M. Boly.
Actually, when I opened my bet, I noticed that there was changed the player in the bet.
Fortunately, I precautionly printed out the original ticket (that I still have) indicating BONY SCORE and I sent it to PARIMATCH.
Faced with the facts, PARIMATCH finally decided to pay the winning ticket.
Then, I withdrew the winnings, leaving zero balance on the account.
In September 2015, after more than a year, I made a deposit into the account and then I made some small bets, reachig a positive balance of 529 Euro.
Then came the surprise.
One day, I noticed I have a negative balance. I tried to understand what happened and I discovered that the old bet of June 2014 was void again and, therefore, PARIMATCH deducted the amount of my win, by making a negative balance appear.
So, there was an other correspondence with PARIMATCH in which I pointed out that the old bet (still marked BOLY SCORE and not as the original ticket BONY SCORE) was void again. I sent the old mails showing that, at the time, the bet was then paid as successful as it was proved that the ticket on the screen was incorrect.
The bookmakers refered to all the old reasons: “the player did not played” etc. etc.
So, once again, I had to send to PARIMATCH the original ticket BONY SCORE but, now, the bookmakers seize on a hypothetical art. 42 on the basis of which “any claim must be made within 10 days from the bet” and so, they say I had to claim the winnings in June 2014 because now is too late.
Obviously, I claimed in time (the mails can prove it).
In summary,
in June 2014, placed bet, immediate complaint and then bet paid.
In September 2015, the bet was void, they deduct my win and the balance became negative.
Be careful.