Parasino rollbacked bets!


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Yesterday I made some bets at bookmaker Parasino.
I won these bets, but today I see all these bets rollbacked.
I contacted customer support, they even can't provide the number of paragraph
of Terms and Conditions, according to which my bets were rollbacked!
They only say that it was "traders decision".
Furthermore, my bets were at coefficient 1.42, and according to their rules,
I have the right to withdraw if coefficient is 1.35 or higher.
But they also rejected my withdrawal request, saying that I still need to bet
at coefficient 1.35 or higher! It is totally impossible condition if they cancel
bets due to their "traders decision" only, not according the rules!

Please help me to return my winnings!


If they were winning bets which were cancelled after the events were decided,then that itself would normally be unfair ! Was there anything unusual about the bets or events that might justify Parasino's decision to cancel them ? The reason I'm asking this is because you seem bothered more by the withdrawal refusal than the cancellation of the bets after they had won/loss of the winnings.


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As for now, Parasino blocks my account of December 30 for one-time (!) incorrect password typing. There is no automatic password recovery procedure on their site or by e-mail!
Two weeks their support doesn't respond to e-mail and live chat!