paddypower not accepting my proof


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Hello, I had a 1 minute bet on the game Genoa-Ac Milan yesterday at the minute of 82.00-82.59 for a throw In awarded. Anyway the ball went out of the line at the minute of 82.58 and the assistant referee awarded the throw In in the minute of 82.59 where you easy can see the flag is up! Anyway I send them all the proofs all they saying is the throw In was awarded at 83.02 where actually they already started playing again
but they don't accept it! they say there time can't be wrong! they first asked me for a proof of video I sent it then they said they want the full 2nd half of the match why I still don't know! Now I sent them a link with the full video now I am waiting lets see what they going to say now! the funny thing is when I send them the proof I had a chat with them and they told me the referee needs to whistle for the throw In
but I told them the referee won't whistle when there is a throw In! then he said the referee needs to signal a throw In
and I showed him there own rules where it's saying it will be accepted when the assistant referee is signaling for a throw In and all he said is yes he did in 83.02 and when I showed him the picture and asked him what he is doing with the flag at 82.59 he told me thats the way they work and want a full video of the 2nd half! All I can see is they trying to rip me off nothing else! What can I do?


Hi,Eysidl.You've sent them the link to the video,and since their rules are clear,please tell us what they say once they've reviewed the video.