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May 11, 2018
Nunes vs Pennington UFC 224 Main Card, Primary card, and Early card

Nunes vs Pennington UFC 224 fight card On Saturday, May 12, to win the title of Bantamweight title of the match between May 12, champion Amanda Nunes and Rackel Pennington, to return Jeanis Arena to the Euphrates in Rio de Janeiro on Saturday. In the co-main event, Kelvin Gasselam and Ronaldo Shuja met in an important match-place in the Middleweight Division.
UFC 224 Weekly summary should be there. 12, 2018 Nunes v Pennington,. 10 PM/7 PM ET/PT Rio de Janeiro, Brazil Fantasy Tickets How To Watch Videos News Print Fight Cards; Live statistics; Odds. Female Bentmount Title Fight Championship champion Amanda Nunes. “Lions” vs 2 Rackel. Pennington,. “Rocky” Brazil Country The United States​

Also, the main card BJJ star Mackenzie Darn, as she makes her second UFC presence against Amanda Cooper. Bantamweight fan favorite John Lyncker struggles with growing rival Brian Keller, when Vetter Bellfraff stops PPV from the retirement phase, since “The phenom” brave former UFC champion Lee Yo Machida Here is the complete UFC 224 Fight card:

Main card (10 PM ET, PPV)

Amanda Nunes vs. Rakuel Pennington,
Kelvin Gastelum vs Ronaldo Shuja
Amanda Cooper vs Mackenzie Dern
John Lineker v Brian Kelleher
Vitor to Belfort vs Lyoto Machida

Primary card (8 PM ET, FX)

Kaiser Ferreira v. Carl Robbernen
Junior Albinie vs Alexey Olinich
Nick Hain vs Davy Ramos
EliJu Jalasi dos Santos vs Shaun Strickland

Early card (Posted on 6 PM, EFFC Fight Pass)

Alves vs. Sultan Aliev in Warlie
Jack Hammmson v. Thars Lets
Ramjan Mviv v. Alberto Mina
James Bonavick vs. Markus Perez
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