NFL starts tomorrow: careful with US sports books


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Bookmakers Review has 5Dimes top rated at 4.5+ and personally I think they are the best online bookmaker bar none, but I feel obliged to recommend European players to be extremely careful betting with all US-facing sportsbooks as everything indicates there will be more arrests and prosecutions of bookmakers in Costa Rica and probably other parts of Central America and the Caribbeans.

Stay away from NR and low rated bookmakers as well as sportsbook agents and remember if something sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

At this time of the year/season sportsbooks will offer players all sort of perks and will have no problem keeping up with payments as deposits currently exceed withdrawals. But whether they will be in business 5-6 months from now is what counts.

Don't be stupid. It's your money.


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Good point. I have seen a lot of offers mentioned but they all seem to have a lot higher rollover than you would expect from European/UK bookmakers so there's a chance you can end up with a lot of money trapped for a long time.


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I'm with pier0 on this. About 3 years ago I ceased betting with any bookmaker offering service to US citizens. I see too much risk associated with having funds with them. On top of that deposits and withdrawals are more complex and costly.