Never threats an athlete


May 13, 2021
Or else you will end up the same with this 24-year-old sports bettor who was accused of threatening professional and collegiate athletes on social media. He was sentenced to 36 months of probation Thursday in federal court in Tampa, Florida.

Patz, also known as "Parlay Patz," sent threatening direct messages on Instagram to four members of the Rays while they played a home game against the Chicago White Sox on July 20, 2019, according to a plea deal announced Wednesday.

One player received messages that included the string of text: "I will enter your home while you sleep"; "And sever your neck open"; "I will kill your entire family"; "Everyone you love will soon cease"; "I will cut up your family"; and "Dismember then [sic] alive," according to the plea deal.

The messages were sent during the last hour of the nearly four-hour game, according to the plea deal. The Rays lost 2-1.

Patz is prominent in the world of parlay sports betting. In 2019, he amassed $1.1 million in gross winnings in under two months through parlays, according to Action Network.