NETELLER -- ukash note


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So hello guys. When I was about to deposite money into my NETELLER acount via ukash voucher for the first time I read this note: "Funds deposited using Ukash are available only for transfers to merchant sites or purchases using NET+. These funds cannot be withdrawn via ATM or transferred to another member.".
I asked someone about that he told me that you can't withdraw that amount of money. you can only withdraw the difference between it and your revenues from betting. Is that true? can you please explain to me more? thanks in advance :)


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What I think it means is that Neteller has to pay a fee to Ukash on your deposit. It would be the same deal if you deposited using a credit card. Naturally Neteller doesn't want people depositing funds which have cost them a fee and then withdrawing fee free. They want you to spend it somewhere which will generate a fee to them.
I think you'll find similar provisions apply at all bookmakers for funds deposited via credit cards and e-wallets. They expect you to bet those funds rather than just use them as a bank account to put money in and take it out again.