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Nov 13, 2013
Hello to everybody. I wanted to shire my experience with lsbet. On october 5 i hopened an account onthe lsbet website. All ok until november 10, when i make the login and i try to bet. .I can not place any bet(status error).Contact operator chat but can not fix problem. After 2 days riceved a e-mail with whom comunicate me to send the documents for withdraw(i haven't request with draw). The operator chat say me who my account will be closed, but doesn't know the reason. I ship a e-mail to support lsbet for ask explanation. A manager of lsbet send me a e-mail: "The decision to close your account is final and irrevocable. We reserves ourselves the right not to comment on this decision. There will be no reason given to you regarding this matter."
Sending documents, make the withdraw. A serious and honest company should give me an explanation. I found a great selection betting in lsbet, but after this i think they are not professional and honest site.BEWARE.
PS: sorry for my bad english