Need a bit of help


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Nov 17, 2020
Hi ,
I was wondering if anyone could help me out as my account has been frozen an won’t release my money from coral,
I used to be with ladbrokes an I self excluded my self which was up in March 2020 , so instead of getting my account unlocked I went with coral ( not knowing it was a sister account)
Every thing was fine I put £100 to casino a won £200 so I took it out ,I then put another £500 - £600 in the following day an lost the most of it got it back up to £600 an went to with draw it so they asked me for I’d which I gave them and they now stated my account has been closed but won’t release my money due to me self excluding myself from ladbrokes, we’re do I stand ?
All help would be much appreciated
Thanks Emmett


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Nov 20, 2012
Download or copy Corals' rules,terms and conditions.Then if you haven't spotted it,ask them to point out where it says bets can be voided if you self-excluded with Ladbrokes.. If there is such a rule,then they are entitled to apply it to winners if they'd have to repay losers.
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