NBA Playoffs start today!!!

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Gotta be the East winning this. West overrated and injury filled. Also West teams are old..


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The East might be healthier (Celtics also have a massive injury list and Embiid still has a broken face) but lets face it, the West has dominated the league recently. Only LeBron has been able to mount any real competition against the West, but if you remove a Ray Allen 3 pointer and a Draymont Green tap in the nuts, and Lebron's 3 titles drop to 1 real dominating Championship run.

This season, LeBron just doesnt have the weapons around him to win a best of seven series against a GSW or HOU team, and that's if he even makes it that far.

Lets look at the east...


Toronto- Deep but finished weak. Perfect example of how regular season success doesn't always roll over to the playoffs (Remember the Hawks 2014-15 season?). Like them as a Conf Finalist contender, but a Conf title should come with an aterisk thanking the Celtic's injury report.

Boston- Almost fees as if this team has that 'next year' mentality. Stevens is a hell of a coach, but with Kyrie and Hayward out, and plenty of players recovering from injuries (Marcus Smart, D. Theis). Give the young guys playoff experience, and roll it all back for a real run next year.

76ers- Exciting, but young. Fultz & Simmons still lack jumpers and midrange effectiveness. Embiid to return, but how will the mask effect his play, and as a big guy, will the physicality of the playoffs in the post cause more pain or even more damage? Lots of talent on this roster, but if they cant spread the floor with Embiid, Simmons & Fultz will have trouble getting their looks.

Cleveland- Just look at their defensive stats. Worst in the entire playoff picture. Sure, Ty Lue claims they can turn it on... but will it be too late? First round date with the Pacers should be a cakewalk, but after 82 games of little to no defensive effort, can the Cavs pull it together. Also, will James run out of steam? LeBron has more minutes of play this year than every other player in the league, and add that to the fact that his previous seasons have all seen him play into late June, the King is in need of rest and this could become a factor.

Pacers- Meh... Olapipo is fun to watch, but they should start calling their travel agents to plan for summer vacation.

Miami- Fun to watch and get the job done with an interesting roster. Expect them to give Philly some troubles, as Spo can throw a few different looks that will test the young 76ers. Miami is well coached, and their ability to beat you big or small will define their first round battle.

Milwaukee- Giannis and ... well Giannis. Excited to watch this star develop, but ultimately, this team just doesnt have the pieces needed to put together a first round win. Add in the fact that Interm Coach Prunty knows he is out the door anyway.

Washington- Like a dysfunctional family. As individual pieces, the roster looks nice, but together... chaos. This team needs to focus on its offseason moves rather than a likely 1st round exit.

Whoever emerges as the Conf Champion will have the task of shutting down both Harden and CP3 or Durant & Curry... a task none of these teams will be able to do effectively for 7 games. Just cant see the West losing this year, unless we see a significant injury or an unfortunate shot the the groin (LeBron, you know what im talking about)


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And wow... Pacers showed up and sent LeBron home with a loss.

This entire "turn on the defense when needed' didnt work out so well. I Still like the Cavs in this series, but could see a 6 game series play out here.


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If the Cavs win the Eastern Conference it will be a miracle!

I just don't see them beating Toronto or Boston in a 7-game series.

Still going with Houston to win it all!


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And here we sit.. LeBron James playing like a freaking mad man.

Cant wait to see the Celtics go head to head with Cleveland. Things have been going so well for Boston, you almost have to expect them to fall back down to earth at some time or another, and with the Cavs clicking... that could be sooner than later.


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Cavs went from looking like they were done in that first round to being super confident with the sweep of Toronto.

This is going to be a great series, I have Boston to win but it's hard to bet against Lebron and the Cavs now.

I am a self proclaimed Lebron hater but still a fan if that makes sense. I didn't pick them to get pass Toronto and we all see how that turned out.

Let's just hope Boston finishes the job so we can get this series underway.