Nascar bans members from betting



Mar 23, 2018
NASCAR-licensed members banned from betting on the sport.

All gambling channels are covered with the policy banning betting in gaming, casino, lottery, race track and internet gaming.

Off-track betting is also prohibited along with the dissemination of confidential information by NASCAR members for the purposes of enabling or facilitating gambling activity. Members are also required to report violations “at the first available opportunity.”

According to the policy, fantasy sports may not accept prizes exceeding $250. The policy also details minimum penalties, if rules are breached including indefinite suspension or termination and/or a fine of between $150,000 and $200,000.

As per the policy, “All NASCAR members have an obligation to protect the integrity of the sport. Gambling on NASCAR Events by Members can post a serious threat to the integrity of NASCAR, its stakeholders, and the industry as a whole. The integrity of NASCAR Competition remains our greatest asset.”