Jun 26, 2016
First of all i am having once again problems with one of the bookmakers who pretend that they are registered in UK.
The company is
What is my story?
Before 2 days i have opened an account by them and i won 2 bets in their site.
Tried to withdraw the money but they closed my account and said it's under investigation and it's normal procedure.
Just to mention that at the begin I was told i will not have some kind of problems with them.
Today i contacted them once again and they said me exactly the same:
,, Because you have taken same bets on other companies and because you are forbidden customer of the company before, your account has been closed and will be never opened. You don't have anything to receive in our website." (ULUSLARASI İP HAVUZUNDA ÇAPRAZ BAHİSLER ALDIĞINIZ VE DAHA ÖNCESİNDE FIRMANIN YASAKLI KULLANICISI OLDUĞU SAPTANMIŞTIR.BU SEBEBİ İLE HESABINIZ BAHİS FİRMASI TARAFINDAN AÇILMAMAK ÜZERE KAPATILMIŞTIR. SİTEMİZDEN HERHANGİ BİR ALACAĞINIZ BULUNMAMAKTADIR.)

But they can't prove that i am forbidden customer and etc.
As said, i deposited 1k EUR to my account and won 2800 EUR+ in 1 day and now they claim that i don't have money there.
Username: eemurla

MYBAHİS Autobet Limited Pharoash Amusements 4 Bell Lane BODMIN PL31 2JL England License License no: 30604

I want to receive all my money to the deposited way Ecopayz.
I paid them 1k EUR on time and they didn't wanted to send me the money.
Take care :)