Matched betting legal ?

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I just been blocked from a bookie because of matched betting.

There was a risk-free bet promotion. I placed a bet on tennis player 1 to win at that bookie. ( wich i tought would lose)
At the other bookie there was a 20% boost if you won the bet, so i placed the bet on player 2 to win there. ( wich i tought would win)

Later i discovered that those 2 bookies were actually from the same company/group.

So they suspect me of bonus fraude.

They took my winnings and they are not responding anymore.

Any help here?

I get that they have a point but is it really illegal? Altought it's the same company, it still are 2 different bookmakers...




It isn't illegal,so long as you used your real name.I suggest you point out exactly what you did,that you were entirely open about your identity,and were simply trying to guarantee a profit.
There are one or two bookies - 5dimes used to be one - who publicise the rule that they won't allow you multiple accounts with any of the bookies in their group,and list the names of those bookies..Unless either of the two bookies that you had the bets with had and publicised such a rule,they have no reason to object if you do that.They can hardly expect you to keep track of which bookies are in their group.As far as you were concerned,you were betting with different bookies You were allowed to have mirror bets,as long as they weren't both with the same bookie.
Having mirror bets with different bookies is not bonus fraud.
If they still won't respond,use the complaint button on the right of this page.
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Hi Quincunx,

Thank you for your response. I did use my real name on both bookies and my accounts were verified with my ID etcetera.
The rule was not in their T&C so that is not the case either.

However, they decided to take my money and they are not ( or very very slow) responding to my messages and complaints.
Unfortenately it is not a UK- Bookie, so i am not sure if a complaint helps here.

Those are the 3 bookies and that group.

Ive read a ton of stories of people they have stolen from. Any tips would be more than welcome.

Thanks all,



Hi,Joe.This site is certainly not restricted to people based in the UK or UK bookies.However,sadly,if the bookies have a bad reputation,a complaint is less likely to be successful.It is still worth trying,though,if only to prove that they are not paying out when they should be.


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the thing about matched betting is it's not illegal but bookies just dont like it so they will gub your account sometimes only after a couple of bets. You can try and appeal but unfortunately in general they will be rather unhelpful. Unfortunately a few people abuse the offers way more than other people and bookies have started to have enough with innocent punters being affected


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Their point of view is that bonus offers are to attract bettors to their book, and it is against their bonus terms to target them in this "non-recreational" way.