May 10, 2014
Matchbook website went down two days ago and was unable to process bets. All my attempted bets were met with a clear indication of BET FAILURE . Several more attempts at placing a bet were made but the same BET FAILURE notice happened on every attempt. Eventually I gave up with the bet but not after one final check of my account balance to be sure no bets were processed.

To my horror in the morning my account was showing -5500. How is it possible to go overdrawn on an exchange?
Further investigation showed that every attempted bet I had tried to place the night before, had in fact been processed at some point, even though my account balance was overdrawn by 5500, they still went through.

I was left with a bet for 10800 that I didn't place and an account with a balance of -5500

I have been in contact with them over this, although even that was a shambles , help desk is manned only 9 -5 and the person I spoke with,although polite was in complete denial initially that a problem had even occurred.

Eventually several emails were met with a response from their C.O.O. a guy called Cian Nugent who informed me that the site had suffered a "glitch" and in fact my bets had incorrectly been processed. Much to my relief I now assumed all my funds would rightfully be replaced and that would be the end of it. I was initially informed that Matchbook would refund 5500 and wipe my overdraft off . I could not believe what I was reading, again after several more strong complaints and an awful lot of stress they agreed to give me another 2688.25 back . I am currently 2820.14 out of pocket as Nugent incorrectly claims this was a bet processed some 4 hours after the unstable site was back working OK . The website is so terribly unstable who knows how and when any of the bets were processed.
I would like to warn other people about the dangers of using the unstable Matchbook site and the financial consequences of doing so . This company should not be granted a gaming licence with the ethics and gaming platform they operate with.