Matchbook exchange lie



05/22, I placed the bet on the tennis match Svetlana Kouznetsova - Johanna Larsson on Matchbook exchange. My bet was 5000 EUR on Johanna Larsson with odds 4 at that moment. It was 1st set, no serves were broken at the time, and the prematch odds were 1.2 against 4.5 in favour of Kouznetsova as a big favourite of the match. Matchbook had live feed, match was finished, Larsson won, my bet was settled correctly. And after that I tried to withdraw my funds from account and got locked right 30 minutes after my withdrawal request. later in the evening they voided my bet by the request of other client!! On exchange!!! At the same time, they come up with a fake reason that the coefficient was not correct! As I wrote Kouznetsova was big favourite, you can check it everywhere like oddschecker sites. They've just stolen my money! What should I do in this case? Can somebody advise me? Thanks!

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Hi and welcome to BMR...please fill out this complaint form and we will help you .