Marathonbet Withdrawal Nightmare



Nov 19, 2019
In short I joined Marathonbet in September. They asked for origin of funds and I submitted a wage slip which they accepted. End of Oct I made withdrawals totalling £1300 and my account was frozen. This time they requested address verification. I provided drivers license and credit card statement. They responded two weeks later saying now they want origin of funds... AGAIN.

I had to wait for this months statement to come in and now they’ve just rejected it because they apparently don’t accept screenshots.

Surely they have no right to keep withholding my funds? GCUK states the below?

“A request made by a customer to withdraw funds from their account must not result in a requirement for additional information to be supplied as a condition of withdrawal if the licensee could have reasonably requested that information earlier.”

I’ll add that in 2k up on Marathonbet.

Anyone have any thoughts or advice on this? I never want to place a bet with these cowboys again. I just want my money.

I did post this in detail on the forum on 19th November and also submitted a complaint to BMR but haven’t heard anything back.