marathonbet - they lock my account and don't verify for me


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May 26, 2016
My problems starts one month ago, when marathon lock my account and asked me for account verification( my account have balance ~ $2000, i purchase 1500$ and win to 2000$)
I send them:
- ID card scanned (both side)
- Driver license (both side)
- Webmoney account screen and transaction screen(transaction that i purchase)
- bank statement
- bank card (both side)

I was send them on 28/4 but now is 28/5 , my account still don't verify.
i was contacted them many time but receive only the same answer :

''Your Marathonbet account was recently blocked whilst we have been conducting a routine review. This review is still ongoing.

Thank you for your patience whilst this review continues – we will contact you again as soon as this is complete.''

I can not to wait more. I want my account and my money.
After all my account is still blocked and I can not withdraw my money.

Anybody can help?
Thanks very much for read me.

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Nov 15, 2012
Hi sir, we are waiting for comment from Marathonbet on your complaint.