Marathonbet suspended account - resolved


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I read lot of marathonbet,they have a good reputation,fast payouts etc.
After I won lot of money on Liverpool-Sunderland game and requested payout marathonbet suspended my account and requested documents for - "random security checks "
On LIVE chat support advice me-verification taks up to 72 hours.
After 72 hours my account was still suspended.Support advice me again-please write to id@marathonbet and ask themself-how long will take verification.
I sent an email to id@marathonbet with question-none answers...

So,what is other experience in similar case?

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We have sent Marathonbet a link to this thread and received a reply:

<em>"we take account security very seriously and as part of this we may suspend accounts on a random basis and review these accounts, once the review is complete customers will be emailed and accounts re-opened"</em>


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I know Marathonbet to close winning account and often verify credentials. If you have done nothing wrong (multiple account holder etc) you should get paid and just need to be patient.


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Thank you! After you link to this thread ,I get email-Thank you for providing your documents.
Your Marathonbet account has now been re-opened.

I suppose its after your email he started working.

One more time thanks!