Marathonbet - STAY AWAY - very poor bookie


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Hi to all.

I just wanted to share my experience with this bookie.

Approximately 2 months ago I registered with them and placed some bets, after which I got limited. I asked for a withdrawal and then the fun began!

They suspended my account for a "security review" and asked for an id document and a utility bill. I provided them with this documentation on the next day.

After this there were a week of silence from them. Than I got on live chat to ask about my account and they asked me to send them some other id document. Right away I sent them my driving license.

Since then there has been no update for more than a month. I've wrote them e-mails and went on live chat, but each time I got the same answer "Your account is still under review, we will keep you updated".

Moreover they don't even inform me on the balance of my account and the settlement of bets I had still unsettled at the moment they suspended my account.

I have informed SBR about this as well and I hope they will be able to help me. I would also like to ask you if you can suggest me where else I should write and official complaint to speed up the "security review" of my account.

As for others who are still thinking about registering with Marthonbet I can surely suggest - DON'T! - it's a very poor bookie and most likely you will only get in problems with them.


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This is my first experience with sports betting over the net. I have a problem because I have the account that I created but for transaction I use my sister's bank account because I haven't my own till now. I did not know that is not properly.

About a month ago, I provide them the required documentation. Problem still not solved. I'm still waiting, I do not know what to do now, do you have any advice.


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likely played a dodgy match my friend....maybe you knew about it maybe not, had a buddy play a dodgy tennis game in the past, worked at a bookie and had inside info if you like and hit them up, eventually got his money but was 3-4 months if i remember correctly....

infojoker--your a fool my friend even a 2 year old knows you can only register a card in your name.....even if you thought you could register someone elses and get away with it you register a womans!?!?!? hahaha

All customers should be aware from reading the terms and conditions that at some stage their accounts will be subject to a verification process.

Unfortunately we have had some technical issues in the last month which took away resources from the normal running of the business and caused delays in verification procedures.

We have been very apologetic towards all customers who have contacted for the inconvenience and are working to resolve the backlog.

Kind regards,



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Dear Marathonbet,

Thank you for your reply, but I see this as one more worthless excuse from your side.
I registered my account on 27th of September!! and it got suspended on 1st of october!!! This does not seem as a technical difficulty, but more like planned stealing of my account and funds on my account.

I would like to hear a real explanation and reason why my account is forcing these restrictions as I have provided you with everything you asked from me.

Kind regards,


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Only a suggestion, but in view of the number of complaints being generated by Marathonbet, perhaps it's time for BMR to reconsider their rating (currently 3 and under rating watch).


TBF,if a bookie's verification process did flag up a problem,then quick suspension is exactly what might happen.It is possible that Marathonbet's system failed,and they couldn't fix it fast because they were running their operation with a small number of staff.Then a huge backlog of angry customers would quickly develop.Remember that verification is mandatory for bookies - it is imposed by bureaucrats,not the bookies themselves.
At least Marathonbet have had the courtesy to reply here.They run an adventurous business model,with thin margins and top value,and have paid winnings quickly in the past.I would still give them a bit more time to resolve their problems - it would be a shame to lose them.


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I fully agree that Marathonbet deserve credit for taking the time and trouble to post on here and I'm all for allowing bookmakers who are having technical difficulties enough time to sort things out and put their house in order. I guess it's really a question of how much time is enough. Prudy says that the player's account was suspended pending verification on 1 October. That was eleven weeks ago and the account is still suspended and under review despite the player having sent (promptly and on more than one occasion) relevant documentation as proof of identity. I know it's a matter of opinion, but I don't feel that it is satisfactory that the player's account has been suspended and under review for so long when the player seems to have complied so fully and so promptly with Marathonbet's request to provide them with proof of identity.