marathonbet scam haven't paid up after 18 montha


New member
Nov 18, 2014
marathon bet have held my £180 for 18 months. 18 months ago I got am email one month after registering an account with them asking for id which they got straight away.

Since then they refuse to pay up, and keep asking for this document. after twelve months I took them to court and successfully won a small claim judgement against them. Which i have as evidence, and it wasn't because they didn't turn up, it was because they were being evasive with the judge. Even after the judgement I give them a chance to pay up and they are still asking for ID, which they got. I would say stay away from these people as good as the ifs.

I am now at the stage were I am going to enforce the action of payment through the courts which is going to cost them extra, their loss.